Beautiful Moves

Dancing can be extremely sexy, and something that men love to watch women do. No matter what kind of dancing it is, there is something extremely sexy about watching women and how their bodies move. Women who really enjoy dancing get a look of joy on their faces as they abandon themselves to the music, and that is quite an enticing site to behold. There is something about watching a woman dance that is almost like free sex. It may be simply that women move their bodies in generally the same manner as when they are having sex.

Exotic dancer

Belly dancing is probably one of the sexiest types of dancing that a woman can do. The colorful costumes are very flattering and sexy, even though they are generally very modest. It’s not as blatantly sexy as exotic dancing – it’s much more subtle and teasing in nature, which can be even sexier than the total nudity and pole dancing acrobatics that has become so commonplace with exotic dancing. Belly dancing seems to tell a story, and it has an earthy and historic feel to it that makes it seem very mystical in some way, which is very arousing and sexy. It’s a great exercise, because it is totally non-impact, and because it isolates muscle groups, it really strengthens the core and tones the abdominal and lower back muscles. It strengthens the hips, thighs and long back muscles and helps to improve flexibility in the torso. If dancing with a veil, it can also help to strengthen and tone the shoulders, upper arms and upper body because of the arm positions and the extended periods of time spend with arms raised to shoulder height and above. Mentally and emotionally, belly dancing can have a very positive effect on women’s body image and their feelings about their personal sexuality and sexiness.

Sexy bodies

Let’s face it, our seeming addiction to porn reveals how much we like to watch sexy bodies in any kind of motion, women dancing-just for her partner-is a movie come to life!

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