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Sexual encounters

Women have had it pretty rough when it comes to sex and sexuality. They’ve spent hundreds of years being subjected to a sexual double standard that encouraged men to have pre-marital sexual encounters while condemning any woman that provided them the opportunity to have sex. For a long time, the stereotype related to women and sex was one of tolerating an unpleasant experience. Women who actually enjoyed sex often thought there might be something wrong with her, since it may have seemed that the other women around her were not finding the act enjoyable.


In a lot of cases, women were not raised to be comfortable with their sexuality. They were taught that porn is bad and degrading toward women. They were taught that they should have as few partners as possible. They were taught that having an interest in anything kinky was bad and was a negative reflection on their worth and value as a woman. Women who enjoyed being submissive to a man, sexually or otherwise, were treated horribly by feminists who apparently didn’t get the message that the women’s movement was supposed to allow women to make any decision they felt was the right one for their own lives. In a lot of ways, feminists have been part of what is holding women back sexually. They’ve deemed porn and exotic dancing as degrading toward women and will not entertain the possibility that some women may actually want to go that route, not because they have no choice but because that is their choice. Women are generally the only ones that call other women sluts. Women judge each other very harshly and seem to feel that there is a list of approved choices a woman can make and that every other woman is wrong. It would be nice to get back to the true meaning of the women’s movement – true freedom to make the choices that we each feel is best in our own lives without guilt or judgment.

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