Making Time For Sex

Watching sex videos and unwinding with a special someone, a bottle of wine and plenty of time to fool around is a great way to relax and de-stress after a long week of work and daily responsibilities. A lot of couples don’t have time for this type of extended time together though and need to make sex a bit quicker without spending an hour or so watching a movie about it first. Watching a porno flick would be a great luxury to a couple with a family to take care of and not something they have time to do on a regular basis. Waiting until the kids are asleep may work sometimes with a younger family, but may not be feasible with teenagers in the house. Some parents, especially moms, worry about making too much noise and are afraid the kids will hear them. Many couples simply don’t have the time or the energy to have sex on a regular basis, and it can really hurt their relationship.

Couple sex

That’s why a weekend getaway is so great for most couples. It gives them time to reconnect and have sex without worrying about being heard or seen. It allows them to watch dirty movies or play with noisy sex toys. It helps them to feel reconnected and romantic again. It reminds them of why they fell in love. It helps them to feel sexy and sexual again if they haven’t had time to have a rollicking good screw in a long time.

Sex toys

A lot of couples may not realize how important this can really be to their relationship. Having a weekend like that can make them feel like teenagers in love again and the good effects of that can last for weeks and sometimes even months. It can re-ignite their passion for each other and inspire them to take the time at home to stay connected and make time for sex more often. Anything that helps a couple to stay connected and keep them feeling sexy is a good thing!

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