Love In An Elevator – A Nice Fantasy

Porn flicks show people having sex in settings that would be a lot of fun, but for the average person is probably relatively impossible to pull off. It’s a shame though, because it sure looks like fun. Sex in an elevator is a great example. Shown in mainstream movies even more than porn, it would be a lot of fun but with cameras, security technology and other people in the area, it’s probably relatively impossible unless a person is really fearless, a total exhibitionist and completely unafraid of getting arrested.

Porn flicks

First of all, there is really a very limited amount of time to perform the act, even if riding the elevator from top to bottom or vice versa. More people could get on the elevator at any time, which could be embarrassing. No matter how many floors a building is, the trip won’t take long. Another big problem is that there might be cameras on the elevator filming everything that’s going on, and some women would have a very hard time dealing with that. A lot of women would have a real problem with getting recorded having sex, especially with their faces showing and strangers watching the tape. A lot of messing around in elevators happens at hotels just after a wedding or party where people have been drinking. Since there really isn’t a lot of time for police officers to be trying to catch naked drunk people to make them get dressed, there may be more people fooling around in elevators than we could imagine. Most people probably just make out in elevators, using it as an opportunity to reconnect, get each other a little (or a lot) worked up as it goes up or down. Making out in an elevator is usually a lot of fun though, no matter what kind of elevator it is. It feels kind of dirty and forbidden and taboo because it’s such a public place, but it’s hot enough to be really worthwhile.

sex in an elevator

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