Familiar Territory

Part of the joy of sex is the huge element of surprise involved with new partners. You do not know how they are going to look naked and how they are going to be in bed. All you can do is imagine how they look undressed and if they are going to be fast and furious or slow and steady, quiet and still or verbal and twitching. The imagination comes from the brain, which is often said to be our largest sex organ. So all of this must be considered when you think about having sex with someone you have seen in sex videos. All of that big surprise is now down down the drain.


Of course, there is still the element of how the person actually feels naked up against you, along with the dynamics between the two of you. Those are two things that sex videos can never prepare you for. But there is definitely a huge element of feeling like you have already played with the toy before it is even out of the box. Like a little kid, you are left a tad bored. And that initial boredom can translate into how much effort you put into the experience across-the-board.

Sex videos

Of course, some people, especially men, just do not care about small issues like this. In fact, they may actually be extra turned on by already knowing what is underneath the glistening wrapper. They can plot in those brains exactly what buttons they want to push and all the ways fucking you is going to be so fantastic. It is like they have already seen a road map and know exactly the route they are going to take. Surprise is not an element of sex that they put a lot of stock in. These types are the exception to the rule, though. People in sex videos may find it titillating to be on camera and feel like the center of attention, but there are many who will avoid them because of it.

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