Changing Times

There was a time not all that long ago, when Porn Stars were looked down upon, shunned and thought to be poor pathetic women of ill repute. Today, when we look at the state of the porn industry and the inventory of porn stars that are floating around, we would have to conclude that they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves these days. We are all familiar with the old story of the woman with the questionable past who could not get a job, could not begin a relationship with a decent man, and was relegated to the seedy part of town where she would spend time with those other poor and downtrodden folks who had made some bad choices during their very hard lives.

Porn stars

The old story would never have a happy ending for her, despite the fact that she would often help other people to fix a problem or to solve a mystery of some sort. Today most of our porn stars appear on radio shows, date famous actor or athletes and suffer no harm due to what they do for a living. Years ago a famous actor would probably not have been caught dead dating a woman who appeared naked for a living, never mind having sex with strangers while a camera was running.

Sex with stangers

These days most famous actors love the idea of having a hot porn star on their arm when attending a movie premiere or an awards ceremony. The employers who in the past disliked the idea of hiring a woman with a bad reputation have nothing on the producers of the many hit shows these days who love the idea of having a well known porn star make an appearance. As times continue to change rapidly, we have to wonder what the next big scandal will be, as it seems that we are running out of things to be shocked by in many areas of our lives.

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