Let Loose Ladies!

Let loose

Something that a lot of women could learn from porn stars is to be less shy and inhibited when it comes to sex and to be much more enthusiastic while doing the various deeds. The women in porn flicks are all very uninhibited, of course. One would have to be to get naked and have sex on camera, not only in front of a film crew but also knowing that the video will be distributed all over the world for everyone on earth to see. But in the films they act uninhibited with their partner. They aren’t trying to hide their belly or their upper thighs. They aren’t worried about what they look like without makeup. They aren’t worried about their makeup smearing or their hair getting messed up. They are fully present and being comfortable in their own skin, and that’s something every woman should try to learn.

Less shy

Men may seem like they are completely comfortable in their own skin, but men have insecurities too. Many of these insecurities could be completely alleviated by a woman who is enthusiastic about sex and open about being aroused by her man. It makes a guy feel like a king when his lady is really fully engaged and excited about sex, and more specifically, excited about sex with HIM. It’s a huge ego boost for a guy to know that he really turns his lady on and that she wants to be with him. Most men enjoy sex even more when their lady is enthusiastic and into it and really uninhibited. The vast majority of men do not want to have a coax a woman into taking her clothes off or fooling around with the lights on. Women may not realize it, but it often makes a guy very uncomfortable when his lady is obviously trying to hide body parts from him or when she’s really obviously uncomfortable and disconcerted being naked and letting him fully enjoy her body and it can put a damper on sex.

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