Take It Slow

Any guy that hopes to get his lady to try new things would be wise to find sex videos that will help his cause. It helps to know the lady pretty well though in order to approach this in a way that will provoke a positive response in her. Some ladies are really sexually adventurous, so a guy could pop in a porn flick about nearly anything he’s interested in and then simply tell her that it turns him on. For a fearless woman with a wild imagination and an extremely adventurous attitude, this is often enough to get her fantasies going and her juices flowing.

Slow sex

For a lady who is not quite as outgoing and adventurous, it pays to start slowly. If a guy wants to attend an orgy, starting out with the craziest orgy flick ever made is not the way to get this lady interested in the subject. She may freeze up and feel a little threatened by it, and then it could be very difficult to win her back over. Start slowly. Find videos where the ladies are talking about their fantasies of having threesomes or group sex. This could give her the feeling that other women are interested in this and that would make it seem less taboo. Once she starts becoming interested, the porno can slowly but surely escalate to more intense scenarios, but really do take it slow so that the lady doesn’t get scared off. Take time to talk to her after each escalated round of videos and ask what she’s thinking and feeling. A sincere interest in what is going on in her head will help her to feel a deeper level of trust and that will help her to feel more comfortable to possibly explore. When it comes to sex, most women need to feel safe and secure at some level, and they nearly always need to feel that they can trust their partner.

Try new things

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