Not Even A Word

There are people in this world who really get off on fucking without saying a single word to each other. It is without question yet another sterling example of the dominant vs. submissive sexual dynamic. The dom wants the sub to come over, walk in, not say a word and bend over to be fucked like an animal. Once the act is complete, the sub is supposed to just get dressed and leave without even acknowledging the person who fucked them. It is certainly a fetish, for sure, and one that sex videos can highlight quite well.

fetish sex

The person who hosts the wordless event can have their camera ready to go just before the submissive bitch walks through the door. The only thing you will hear in such a scenario are balls slapping against an ass or people moaning in ecstasy. In such sex videos, the facial expressions of the two partners are incredibly hot to focus on. The dom may even bound and gag the sub to keep them from possibly uttering even the slightest hint of a word. They may even tie their hands and feet, which makes for great scenes of squealing and twitching. Such scenes are totally about control and humiliation, making the sub feel like they are a worthless piece of meat good only for a hard fucking by a dominant master.

Silent sex

Sex videos like this can become rather hot properties on the internet. You should always be careful about who you do sex videos with. If you do not totally trust such a master to respect even your privacy wishes, you are a fool for stripping down in front of a camera. Of course, sometimes people do not even know they are being videotaped, which is a totally reprehensible thing to do to someone. Wordless fucking is certainly not for everybody. Some people feel it is too cold and harsh. For hardcore fetish lovers, though, it is an incredibly hot experience.

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