We all know that the perfect housewife and hostess would most definitely live in Stepford as one of the perky, cheery and happily submissive Stepford wives. Since it seems to be a trend that all of our Adult video stars look pretty much exactly the same, we would if there is a corresponding community that they all live in, or do they just mix in amongst us and think that we don’t notice?


Many of us remember the very famous movie in which all of the wives were replaced by robots who did everything perfectly. They could make a seven course dinner in a half and hour, they took perfect care of the children, and of course they are ready, willing and able to provide the perfect blow job each and every night, complete with swallowing. The movie made a very powerful statement about the feminist movement, about female independence, and about what men want. It was quite controversial at the time, and still makes quite an impact when viewed.

Porn star

So why, knowing all of the hard work that they feminists had to do back a few decades ago, would porn stars decide to all look exactly the same and fit into a certain mold? Why do they all have faces that scream plastic surgery and botox? Why do they all have bodies that scream plastic surgery and disregard for proportion? Why do they all decide that it is all right to have sex with strangers while someone films the whole escapade? Well, let’s face it, it’s because they get paid a lot of money to do all of these things and they are probably happy or a least resigned to the fact that they will be living in Slutford for the foreseeable future.

Porn stars

When we yearn for some variety, we can always check out some of the amateur sites where we may find some women who actually look somewhat real as compared to their plastic counterparts.

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