Jumping The Gun

Some men just do not seem to understand the boundaries of internet fantasies. Not everything on the internet should be taken at face value. But the buffet of extreme porn available twenty-four-seven these days has made age-old sexual practices seem unexciting to many horny young dudes. Insufficient, somehow. Stale. Boring. Porn has totally reconfigured even the basics of sex for a lot of couples, especially men. Everything has to be taken to a higher level and a new extreme. Just plugging the penis into the vagina for the purpose of orgasms is just too damn pedestrian these days. Men need to take a step or three back, though, and realize that a lot of women are put off by the introduction of more hardcore sex acts the first time they hit the sheets with a guy.

Men and porn

It is not that women do not enjoy porn. They do. They even like to engage in some hot fetishes from time to time. Just not the first time. It just all seems so rushed and, well, shoved down their throats. Women and men are extremely different on an emotional level. Women often need to get used to a man in bed before they allow him to cross into more extreme sexual territory. For women, the first sexual encounter is nerve-racking enough without worrying about becoming some live-action porn chick for their horny man.


Porn is usually geared toward men. Men who are sitting at home beating themselves off at a furious pace. It is not reality, as much as men want it to be. Yes, porn can be incredibly inspirational in terms of making people sample different sexual practices. But the bottom line is that it is a fantasy, something that men need to keep in mind when they bring a woman home for the first time. Easing into sex will please a woman so much more than instantaneously introducing chains and whips onto the scene. Porn moves are possible, just not ideally the first time.

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