Ease Into Anal

A lot of women in relationships simply do not understand the appeal of anal sex. They can barely handle their man’s raging cock buried deep within their vagina, let alone imagine it plumbing the depths of their potentially dirty anus. The entire mental visual kind of totally appalls many women. And yet men are often giant fans of attempting this practice. They see it as yet another notch on their belt, a new milestone to reach in their neverending quest to keep their sexual behavior vibrant and interesting. They never want to get dull and predictable. Men might want to show their ladies some porn to loosen them up to the idea of anal play. Watching such videos during their own bedroom play may act to tempt women to at least give it a shot, even though they remain fearful.

Anal play

There are two main fears about anal sex: how much it will hurt and whether or not any nasty fecal matter may show up to ruin the mood. There is no polite way to discuss such fears. We are all human, and we all know what the anus is there for, so people need to just be upfront about it. In terms of cleanliness, a good douching before intercourse is all you need to set things right back there, so that should be the least of any woman’s worries. The main problem is the potential pain, which is an understandable concern. Good homemade sex videos, though, demonstrate the gentle ease with which men need to enter their woman’s back end. You cannot just shove it in there.

Anal sex

The best sex videos act as inspiration for people. A woman fearful of anal sex who sees someone similar to her having it on camera might have her fears lessened a bit. Throw in some horniness, lube and a little convincing from her rock hard man, and the fearful lady may allow herself to finally be probed. Who said sex videos were not a public service?

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