Impossible Sex

It’s pretty much happened to everyone at some point in time – we see a dirty movie advertised on pay-per-view on cable, and we decide to give it a try. It would be great if we could just order up porn right on our cable box, of course. More often than not, the movie turns out to be soft core porn and not what we were hoping for at all. It’s disappointing.

Impossible sex

Watching phony porn is kind of annoying, but with the right mindset it can be kind of funny. Those soft core porn flicks on all the cable stations are really terrible. The cast is usually pretty good looking, of course, although occasionally there is a woman with a truly awful boob job in some of those movies. They can be kind of funny to watch, although it’s pretty hard to imagine that anyone actually finds them arousing in any way. Watching them for impossible positions can be a lot of fun. It’s always a good laugh to watch a guy with his face in a spot that is not even close to the woman’s vagina yet he’s acting like he’s eating her out like his life depended on it and she’s moaning and groaning and thrashing about with wild abandon. Who knew that a woman could get that orgasmic from having a guy lick her stomach about an inch below her bellybutton? Some of the sexual positions they get into seem reasonably impossible also. In some, the guy would have to have a cock that is two feet long in order to be having sex with the lady in the position that they’re in at that moment in the film. What can be a lot of fun is to watch those kinds of movies with friends and have everybody make sarcastic comments or add their own dialog. Bad porn night – now that’s a party! A lot of people would probably show up for a bad porn theme party.

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