The Daily Variety Pack

Ever since we have been snacking on free sex videos from the net we have seen more variety in our snack-pack of porn. Now that we have access to movies from around the world and can more or less dial-up what we want when we want it, there are no bounds to the variety we can enjoy. And the variety, if nothing else, will keep free sex videos alive and well.

Dirty movie

Of course dirty movie makers live but now might die by this variety pack. At once wanting to offer a copious amount of stuff for their rabid fan base, the more they do offer the more that fan base looks to get the stuff for free and because of digital downloading they can indeed get it for free! It’s not as if we get a taste of something, a teaser or trailer and suddenly want to pay for the entire movie. No, today’s audience will eschew quality and not even care if they can get every part of the movie if they can get what little they can in whatever form it is in for free.

Amateur fare might be the lowest end of the spectrum of porn variety but it shows an audience doesn’t much care what end of the spectrum they watch at times.

Variety porn

There is no way for porn producers to cheat back on output as so much of what they have already produced is online in the form of free sex videos or clips and feeds the audience need for variety. They also can’t stop making their films and tickling their audience from the net since the net is the best medium to advertise their films. But every single company that makes x-rated movies knows that the very same best medium for them to exploit is in fact exploiting them. Free sex videos are killing the business of making sex videos and the amazing variety of all that porn and the facility used to get it work as much towards porn viewing as it does against porn making.

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