Open Invitation

Group sex

Sex videos have been a fun little addition to our society in recent years. They pretty much were under the radar until celebrities got in on the act, flaunting their vibrant lovemaking for all the world to see. The fact that so many celebs only seemed to have their careers helped, rather than hurt, by the release of these videos slowly but surely wore down the resistance of average citizens, who decided they might as well take a shot at such crazy carnality, as well. And so these sex videos have become rather commonplace today. It is not as shocking as it used to be to hear a friend discussing how they made one, or to even see a friend’s video on display in their home. But you have to sometimes wonder about the intent of someone who so brazenly promotes their sexual life. They may be inviting you to the show.

When someone tells you about their sex videos, they are certainly on some level looking for a curious reaction. They want to see if you want to see them in action. They are testing the boundaries of your friendship, seeing if there is any chance it could go further. Yes, these types are continually seeking group sex partners, and why not start with their closest friends and acquaintances? A more ostensibly subtle way of setting sexual hijinks in motion is by leaving the sex videos casually laying around the house, whether on the coffee table or mixed in with music albums on the CD rack. This way, they are leaving the ball in your court. If you bring the topic up, they will know you are somewhat intrigued by the discovery, maybe even interested in watching them. A friends with benefits situation would be the ultimate positive outcome here. You just need to make sure the friendship won’t suffer once it goes to that next step. Using your sex videos to lure friends in can be fun but also dicey.


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