Watch Your Back

Whenever you decide to go online to search for free sex, you will surely find something to satiate your needs in under an hour, but a smart person needs to assess the risks involved with meeting a stranger. There is an endless list of sordid activities you could get yourself involved in if you go looking for it. The very nature of being online — anonymous and in the privacy and comfort of your own home — lends itself to taking chances you might not in the real world. You become a risk taker, both sexually and otherwise, pushing boundaries you never imagined you would cross.

Free sex

Free sex can be trouble, though, if you are not constantly on guard. Even when you meet someone in a bar, and you have a couple of hours to size up the person right there in front of you, hopefully determining that they are not a serial killer, you still cannot always be totally sure. But at least you have an in-person vibe, and hopefully you have good instinct to begin with. You can study every move a person makes in front of you. You can check out what they are wearing, what kind of hygiene they have, see if they smell bad. If you are looking for some dirty rough sexual action, you can at least be somewhat confident that the person you are going home with will not hurt you.


Online, though, you never know what you are going to get. It is all about manipulating the presentation. The bottom line is that you are meeting a total stranger for the first time for free sex, so you need to be very careful about vetting the person you are about to fuck or give a blowjob. It is always a great idea to use a webcam at the very least to accurately gauge how the person looks. Then arrange to meet them outside first, and if you get any kind of bad vibe, run!

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