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The first jump for adult video to seem more real to us, for it to become an intimate pursuit, for us all to be able to control how much of it we really saw and how we saw it was when VCRs first came into vogue and the personal video tape market exploded. Adult video could be rented, purchased and traded by a porn audience that stayed home to watch their dirty movies.

Adult video

VCR tape gave way to DVD and dirty movie watchers could enjoy a whole new level of quality in their adult video and while a boon for the connoisseur DVD did not present much of a cultural shift. But with the advent on downloading and streaming across the net, porn again enjoyed a sudden shift due to a technology advance and all of a sudden adult video wasn’t just easier to get, actually free to get in lots of cases, but the action and the people in the movie seemed more real than ever before.

Most adults are aware of the chasm of difference between porn and their actual everyday sex life, but as we can download all the dirty materials we like and enjoy them over and over the lines get blurred. Akin to inviting an vampire into your home, porn can take over because we get it so fast and it seems to clear and real, and in many cases it simply sucks the life from a couple’s desire for one another as one partner or both take to masturbating over those perfectly acquired adult videos they download. Why wouldn’t we take to exactly the dirty image we need when we need it as opposed to trying to deal with the needs of another person?

Dirty movie

And so it is that we get exactly what we need and want from a technology we exploit not realizing exactly what we are doing to our interpersonal relationships and unaware that the more we indulge our whims because we can and the result is so absolutely close to reality the more we lose the desire to really have anything but the copy of the real after a time.

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