More In Then Out

What modern man or woman is looking at, reacting to, participating in, fuels the mind-only ache that our sex lives reflect presently. As we take more to porn then partners, would rather email sexual fantasies with our lover then enact them and think the pursuit of an ex and the memories we have about them is relevant in the here and now we really do mute ourselves to the here and now.

Is it any wonder then that sex videos are more popular in this climate than ever before?


What we cannot do is give our brains access. The second we flip the lid on the Pandora’s Box of mental stimulations and constant, free stimulations at that, we will see and coax all manner of indulgences unleashed and continue to do so, to the exclusion of what we know is better or more physically stimulating. Why not stay home and masturbate

In the ease of texting, tweeting, watching porn and chatting we are forgetting what it was like when we didn’t have these things and had to socialize in different, in-person, ways. The two things the human animal can do better than any other it is adapt to circumstances and morph an environment to fit its needs. Because our P.C.’s and smart phones connect us better than ever before or bring stimulating info right to us, why should we bother to go out at all? Why not build a subsequent approach to sex which is more digital connections and one-handed pleasures? Why not do what we always do, use the environment to fit our needs while we easily slip into a new role and a new way of doing things.

Sex videos

Humans will always be physically intimate, but with sex videos, tweeting and texting and the almighty Facebook substituting for our interacting these days we are just doing a lot less fucking.

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