Exploiting a natural gift, honing a talent, marketing one’s self because of a certain skill set or specialty works for us all…it also works for porn stars. In a world besieged on all sides by dirty images and sex, it takes a lot for a girl or guy to make a dent in the world of porn. But if they can distinguish themselves with a certain skill, become known because of something they do better than most, that girl or guy will become one of the better known porn stars.

Dream job porn

In a world of the buff and augmented, being beautiful, busty and hung doesn’t mean much. In a world where you portray a certain seeming craving for sex or a complete wanton desire, just another horny porn star on the market doesn’t much make a difference. And while the younger porn performer usually usurps the older, while a freckled-faced newcomer will almost always push-out a slightly sagging seasoned vet, sometimes porn stars become icons and last well beyond even their abilities or desire.

But porn stars who find something to make their reputation on, who create a world unto themselves around a specialty-even if no one would have thought it a specialty before-who take a skill all other stars have but fine-tune it so they seem to be the only one who really does it well, can see a future that knows no bounds.

Porn star

Providing or desiring a kink is not enough. Girls being able to allow double-penetration are now a dime a dozen and guys who can stay erect after copious amounts of coming don’t really blip on anyone’s radar in the world of porn anymore. No, to be outstanding in the field one has to either exploit a usual sexual skill to a degree to an edge that no one could have ever imagined before or create one from whole cloth that no one expects.

Really, it’s not easy on those porn stars who are trying to distinguish themselves.

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