Try Something New

Most people enjoy sex quite a bit, but with busy lives and lots of responsibilities, it can be very easy for people to get into a bit of a rut. We start falling back on the trusted, reliable moves and sexual activities that we know will work because we simply don’t have time to, uh, mess around (pun intended). There is nothing wrong with any of those moves – we rely on them because we know they do the trick and they always porn

In order to keep things exciting, though, we sometimes need to spice things up a little and try some new things and new moves. Many times watching some free sex videos can give us some ideas and some new positions and things to try with our partner to add some excitement. For ladies especially, porn targeted toward heterosexual males can often give some clues of what men like and what they fantasize about. It can give ladies some great ideas for lingerie, new sex positions and activities that their man may be interested in seeing. For the best idea of what he would like, try to watch his porn – the porn he owns and the porn sites he frequents. He’ll buy and watch the porn that he really likes the most so this is a great way to get some new ideas.

New sex positions

Another great way to spice things up or to see what kind of porn he’s watching is to suggest watching some porn together and acting out the different scenes with him. Hook the computer up to the big screen and have some fun on the coffee table. Changing the location of sex can be just as exciting and different as trying new things. Anything different like that can seem really dirty and really dirty is a huge turn on for a lot of people. Spicing things up is really easy to do and can really turn the heat up for even the longest relationships.

Try something new

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