Try Someone Different

When we’re looking for free sex, it might pay to be a little less picky and be more open-minded about meeting people that don’t fit our usual type. Sometimes breaking out of our usual patterns can lead us to something really special. Dating a woman that isn’t exactly what we always go for can lead to exciting sexual experiences as well as interesting dates and conversations in general if we’re open to experiencing some new things.

Free sex dating

Granted, we can’t get aroused for someone we just plain don’t find attractive. That’s not the suggestion at all. The suggestion is to try to find attraction with different types of people. For sex dating, that’s a great ability to have. The more types of people we’re attracted to, the more sex we get to have. There’s rarely ever a slump in adult dating when we’re attracted to a lot of different types. Another thing to take into consideration is that sometimes our old types are actually old patterns that are holding us back from moving forward with our lives, our romances and love in general. If we always date the same look or personality and keep having bad relationships, we may have to consider the possibility that we’re picking the wrong people.


Sometimes shaking that up a little by doing something totally different and out of character is a great way to break that cycle that has been holding us back from finding the love that we seek. It can take a conscious effort to break that pattern and start dating a different type of person, but for some of us that is the essential step we must take in order to finally have healthier relationships. Subconsciously a lot of people will gravitate toward something that is familiar, even if it isn’t healthy. Breaking that cycle is sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves, even though it isn’t always easy and can sometimes be pretty challenging to achieve.

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