Rough Storm Blowing


Way back in ancient times, some fifteen or twenty years ago, if there was a big snowstorm, you were often trapped inside with absolutely nothing to do. Sure, sure, you could do something relaxing and educational like reading a book or something productive like laundry and rearranging your closet. But all of that is a bit boring when compared to today’s vast array of free porn available to anyone with an internet connection. A snow day is the perfect excuse to finally toss everything else aside and toss yourself instead.

Free porn

Free porn exists to entertain, educate and titillate us. It is something that appeals to a wide segment of the population. You would be hard pressed to find someone who did not find something appealing about free porn. But there is so much of it these days that it is very easy to become overwhelmed by it all. Yes, it can indeed be a colossal time waster, especially if scoring hookups really is not your goal. If you are online simply to see image after image of free porn, you can very conceivably throw away twelve hours in a row with no problem. And a snow day is the perfect time to do this.

When there is a bad snowstorm, everything is shut down, even public transportation. You are often truly trapped, which often makes for nostalgic childhood memories of having off from school while mom made you soup and hot cocoa. It is a very comforting experience and one that only comes around a few times a year, if that. So you must treasure your time off, which makes getting off to some hot free porn all the more appealing. Allow this time to explore fetishes that you always wondered about, but never got around to exploring. There is certainly a world of free porn options out there at your fingertips online. A cold snow day is the ideal opportunity to let your sexual freak flag fly.

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