Impressive Dates

There really is no such thing as free sex. If a guy wants to entice a woman to have sex with him, he has to impress her and date her. Women are usually pretty impressed when a guy calls to ask for a date and he already has some interesting suggestions of what they can do. She’ll feel like he’s put some thought into it, and if the suggestions are specifically geared toward things she likes to do, she’ll know the man has been listening to her and that will be almost like foreplay.

Free sex

Women get very turned on when they feel like a guy is really paying attention to them. Find out what the lady enjoys doing for fun. If she likes live music, find a good band to take her too. If she enjoys museums, take her to a great one in the area or an obscure or weird one close enough for a day trip. If she likes theater, a night at a local community theater can be a lot of fun. Look up the play to get some information about when it was first performed, who was in it and if it was ever on Broadway, and tell her any interesting tidbits over dinner before the show.

Impressive dates

She’ll be very impressed by the level of effort that went into the date, and it will end up paying off in the form of great sex. If the lady likes wine, find out about wine tastings or festivals in the area, or check with a local winery to see if they give tours. Wine festivals, farmers markets and gourmet food festivals are a great ways to spend a day, and women that like wine sometimes get a little horny after a glass or two. There are loads of interesting and creative dates that will impress a lady but it requires a little effort to find them. Try checking out the local events section of the newspaper for some new ideas.

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