Tiding Us Over

There are so many reasons to be exceedingly grateful for the glorious invention of the internet, perhaps none more so than its ability to supply horny people with endless free porn. It really is a wondrous thing. Back in the old days, one had to make do with maybe a couple of old dirty magazines that you had flipped through fifty times already. Seeing the same images over and over got to be more than a tad wearying and dull. If you were lucky, perhaps you had a special film that you popped in the trusty VCR, but even that would get to be repetitive. Nothing remotely compared to the copious amounts of free porn available to us nowadays at any hour of any day on the internet. This free porn is often a life support for us during prolonged dry spells, tiding us over until our next human touch.

Free porn

Hookups, even these days, can be very few and far between. There are many reasons that our sexual appetites are not being met. We may simply not be horny, we may be too picky about the many online sexual offerings, or most likely, we may be too busy. Yes, life often gets in the way of a good sexual romp. Working a lot is the biggest culprit. Throw in social commitments, going to the gym, and just the usual everyday errands, and all of a sudden you find you are too exhausted to even contemplate fornicating. But at least you have the free porn online to ease you into a good night’s sleep.


No matter how exhausted you may be, firing up some filthy sexual images on the computer before bed is never too difficult. In fact, it is a very relaxing way to end a busy day. Free porn acts as a sexual aid during dry spells; it is like an old, comforting friend. When masturbation is all you can muster with your busy life, online free porn is there to help.


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