Sex Toys As Art

Sometimes porn flicks are the best way to check out new and interesting sex toys in use. A lot of companies that manufacturer sex toys, dildos, anal toys and vibrators will send their products to porn producers hoping that their toys may be featured in a video. Once the viewers see how much fun an item can be, they often want to purchase one of their own. Over the past couple of years some very unique toys have been created in stainless steel and glass. These items can often appear to be a objet d’art rather than a sex toy.

Glass dildo

Beautiful glass dildos and anal toys can appear to be gorgeous sculptures and decorations when they aren’t the traditional penis-shaped items that everyone is used to. These items are often decorated with jewel-like crystals and other decorations that make them seem even less like mere sex toys. Smooth, shiny metal in interesting shapes often do not resemble anything that might be used for sex to an unsuspecting eye. In some cases, these items could be left out on a coffee table and most people wouldn’t immediately realize what they actually are used for. It might be fun to try it just to see who figures it out nad who doesn’t. Playing with these items requires a little bit of care until people get used to them because glass and steel items are very rigid and not pliable like items made from silicone, rubber or latex.

Sex toys

For that reason, the same size item in glass or stainless could be extremely uncomfortable for the receiver because they have no give. Care should be taken when playing with these items for the first time. The up side of that is that the rigidity of these items could mean that they are able to hit certain spots more significantly than the softer more yielding toys, and can provide completely different sensations or more unrelenting contact that can lead to rather intense pleasure.

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