Gotta Be Better

When dirty movies were shown in theaters or someone would get lucky enough to buy an 8-millimeter film for a bachelor party, the audience for these dirty movies had to content themselves with the infrequency of finding titles or getting out to that seedy part of town to see the film. With the advent of the sex video tape industry suddenly we could buy or rent films at a greater frequency and enjoy viewing at home, with or without people or a partner present…still there were never enough titles to go around and that ceremonial walk down the isle of the local video store was an embarrassing Bataan Death March all its own! These days we have the facility of the porn download, a truly unique ability to get almost any filthy film we want, when we want it, at virtually no cost. Stolen, these pirated movies we acquire keep us all pretty much full-up with porn and able to access any dirty scene we wish at any time and by even remote devices.

Dirty movies

But still…we complain.

Free porn

The porn download is not fast enough. We have to hide our downloading or are made to feel like criminals when in fact we are all just taking advantage of what technology is allowing us, the natural progression of the digital world. We want more porn, we want it yesterday and we want it even free-er. Mixed metaphors notwithstanding, like trying to eat just one potato-chip or mercury filling a vessel, we not only morph to the size of the vessel we are given but we want to lick that bowl of all its salt! Given the access we have to the porn download we just want to download all the time, with no fear of embarrassment from friends, family or spouse, we want those downloads to never falter. And as technology progresses we will expect the porn download to get better right along with everything else and if it doesn’t, or doesn’t fast enough we will certainly complain about it until it does!

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