Video Grows Up

For most of us who came of age in the 1970’s and 1980’s, the word video meant very little to us during our childhoods. Our first experiences with anything video related were probably the video movies that our parents were able to rent when we were a little older, and the new video games that were suddenly available at the various arcades and game rooms. We were thrilled to have the option of something like Pacman, rather than just literal pinball; we never imagined at that time that the day would come when we would be able to easily, quickly and privately watch Sex videos online and indulge in adult entertainment from our own homes whenever we chose to.

Porn & sex

Those of us that are so old that the first video game that we remember is the ping pong game with the black screen, the two white bars, and the small white square were thrilled beyond measure with all of the video games in the new arcades and we often broke twenty dollar bills to stay longer and play more. The idea that we could rent a video at a store, take it home and watch it whenever we wanted to was amazing to us also. We remembered the days when we have to just wait and scan the television guide every week in the hopes of seeing our favorite film have a run at a time when we could watch it.

Sex videos

Today, it has all changed. When we are not sitting around waxing poetic about the times we played video games in a game room, we made phone calls with dimes, and dinosaurs roamed the earth, we can go online whenever we like and choose from literally thousands and thousands of porn and sex sites that are just lined up and waiting for us out in cyber space, and we can leave our twenty dollar bills safe in our wallets.

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