Hitching A Ride

Ever since you were a little kid, your parents warned you against hitchhiking. It goes right along with the whole don’t talk to strangers thing. Why in the name of God would you ask for a ride from a stranger anyway? Most people would say you are in pretty dire straits to get to such a place in life. But the truth is that many people simply enjoy the thrill and risk of it all. They are certainly not looking to be hacked to death by a murderer, but they enjoy the idea of meeting someone totally randomly out of the blue on some nutty cross-country road trip. There is a huge Americana appeal to it all. And as with most things involving strangers, the whole scenario makes for an excellent porn storyline. Which, of course, is always really cribbed from what you want to happen in real life.

Car fucking

Women surely hitchhike, too, but mainly it is a male thing. And as such, the two biggest hitchhike porn scenarios involve a hot woman picking up a dusty cowboy, or a hot man doing the same thing. Somehow the gay scenario always winds up being a tad more raunchy than the straight version of things. The whole trucker scene is pretty big in the gay community. Truck stops are great places to get some effortless blowjobs after a long haul on the road. Some of them even have gloryholes in their restrooms. And truckers are exactly who would be picking up a man walking solo down the highway. Or a woman, actually. Though women are rightfully more picky about whose car or truck they get into.

A hot woman may bring her new handsome friend back to her place to freshen up, maybe get in a quick meal, even stay overnight. Oh, sure, porn sexual scenarios will ensue, too, don’t you worry. Hitchhiking can definitely be dangerous, but if the right two people meet, it can be another very hot fantasy come true.

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