Blurry Lines

Many of us are pretty familiar with Tila Tequila as a bisexual reality star who had a dating show on cable television a few years back in which she attempted to find love amongst a bevy of various lesbians as well as a bunch of straight men. What many of us may have not realized, however is that she also has a sex tape floating around online and is a sort of porn star in her own right as well.

Tila kiss

There are many celebrities who attempt to kick their celebrity up quite a few notches by making a sex tape, and Tila is no exception here. We can see her on the reruns of her reality show just as easily as we can find her sex tape by simply googling her name and picking the appropriate website out of all of the result that will quickly pop up. Either way we are in for a treat when we watch her.

What could possibly be more fun than watching a bisexual woman go on dates with both men and women in an effort to find true love and hot sex? That’s easy, watching her sex tape and seeing her have that hot sex with someone right in front of us would do it. Seriously though, the reality show probably had the most interesting premise of any of the reality shows that have been aired to date. It most certainly ups the ante to have both men and women competing for the affections of the star of the show.


The sex tape most certainly speaks for itself. Not only does our favorite star have a beautiful body and a gorgeous face, but she knows how to have sex and do it well. So whether we are male or female and curious, we can count on Tila to inspire and entertain us whenever and wherever we see her.

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