Most of us realize just how dangerous and deadly addictions can be. What we don’t really think about all that often is the fact that people can become addicted to porn just as they can become addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with enjoying some Free porn on television, or on the Internet every now and again, but if it becomes an obsession, it may be the indication of a potential problem.


We have all met people that in the grip and the throes of addiction. We feel for them, as we realize that some of them have no idea of what kind of shape they are in, and that they are living their lives in a state of denial as to the nature and severity of their problem. All we can do is pray for them if we are religious, send them good vibes if we are spiritual, or think good thoughts for them if we are atheistic or agnostic.

The question of Internet porn can sometimes become a tricky one. Some people get all bent out of shape over the concept and declare that anyone that would look at these sites is a disgusting human being who needs immediate psychological help. This point of view seems to be rather extreme. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a little bit of online porn every now and again; many people even participate in viewing adult films as a couple to keep things spicy and interesting in their relationship.

Porn addiction

Like anything else in life, moderation is the key. If we find that we are neglecting our spouses or our relationships because of the amount of time that we spend viewing porn, then we need to readjust our outlooks and our schedules. Of course, if we even suspect that we may have an addiction, we must make sure that we reach out for the help that we need.

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