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It’s not even funny how many free porn sites there are on the internet. At least hundreds, likely even thousands. There really is something for everyone. Every possible fetish is covered. But as many as there are, only certain ones rise to the top in terms of website traffic. Only certain ones get that whole water cooler vibe going, that feeling that you have to check it out for yourself to see what you may be missing. While no one can conclusively explain why this is the case, one seemingly obvious reason is simply the way they are laid out. The design of the website is often key to its success.

Design and layout porn

When you first go onto any website, not even just a free porn one, you are looking for certain general things. What first comes up on the screen is your first impression of a site, and first impressions are everything, even if they may eventually be proven wrong. That first view, though, will linger in your mind. With so many other sites to possibly go on, a website should do everything it can to hook you right away. Your time is a precious commodity, not to be wasted on a site that does not live up to what you are expecting. Finding someone to give you a blowjob should not turn into a big production.

So the biggest keyword about website design is simplicity. You do not want to be confused about anything. If you do not know how to easily do the most basic things on a free porn site — conduct a search, upload a picture, adjust your privacy settings — the site is doing something wrong, and they would be wise to fix things as soon as possible if they want to stand a chance at success. The pop-ups and graphics should also be kept to a non-intrusive minimum. Navigating a free porn site should be effortless hot fun, not an arduous task.

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