She’s a Star

The Adult video industry has its cycles like any other business does. Individual tastes change, different things become quickly popular and then fade into the background to make way for some other new and exciting trend. When someone is a true star, however, their star power can transcend the changes and keep them bright and shiny. So what is it that makes for a really stunning porn star?

Porn star

If we were to watch an adult film from the 1970’s, we would probably be shocked at the amount of body hair that we would see on our stars. During the hippie, free love days of that era, not only did most men did not shave their facial hair, but most women did not alter the hair on their most private of areas in any way. Today, we might be horrified and taken aback a bit by that look, but back then it was not only normal, but desirable because it was very natural.

During the 1980’s our porn stars were very made up and sported lots of big hair. Big hair on their heads that is, at that time the trend was slowly starting for less hair down there. This was also the time when the films started to become a bit more slick and professional.

Great sex

Whatever era we are discussing, there are certain things that will always make for a good adult video star. Obviously we need someone with a great body, and no we do not have to have fake parts there, but we do have to have someone who is in great shape and who is pretty flexible. A pretty face is always a plus, because watching our stars facial expressions during the sex act is always swell. Attitude is always very very important as well. It is very important for us to really believe that our starlet loves getting fucked as much as we love watching her get fucked.

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