Modern Woman, Old Fashioned Man

Men are used to many things when it comes to the dynamics between them and women. They are raised since birth with certain ideas in their heads from society, even in this modern, relatively liberated world of ours. For instance, it is usually the man with the large porn stash. A porn stash that they will bend over backwards to hide from any females who enter their sacred kingdom. So imagine how a man might feel when the roles are flipped and he encounters a woman with a treasure chest of porn. And not only that, but she gleefully shows it off to him. No, she is not ashamed one tiny bit of her sexual aids. She is proud, dammit, and if you want to stay with her, you better accept it.

Women & sexuality

Men are simply not used to women like this. As evolved as they think they are, they are often not comfortable with a woman taking confident ownership of her sexual being. Many men paint a false cocksure picture of their sex lives, but in private are scared off by truly cocksure women. Society has dictated that they are to be the sexual aggressors, not the women. The whole situation makes them more than a bit insecure. All of which is quite asinine in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that they would be getting some amazing sex if they just opened their minds a bit.

Women and porn

Men who are comfortable with such porn-loving women may have hit the jackpot. These women are not afraid of exploring their sexuality to its fullest potential. And just because they are sexually liberated doesn’t mean they won’t let men take charge. In fact, they may relish it. They may actually love being used like a cheap whore. A good fact to remember: the more comfortable people are with their sexuality, the more vulnerable and submissive they are likely to be.

Women and sex

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