Is That Thing On?

Every time that you meet someone from the internet for a romp in the hay for the first time, and even during subsequent meetings, if you are lucky enough to retain a repeat customer, you should always have something in the back of your mind. No, we are not talking about whether they are clean of sexually transmitted diseases, though that is always a concern, too. Rather, you should be careful that this new sexual partner is not secretly videotaping your encounter for inclusion in their free porn collection.

Rough sex

Trust is a very hard thing to come by in life. Even people that we have known for years sometimes test us in the loyalty department by doing stupid or insensitive things. So when you are meeting a total stranger from the internet for a hookup in the middle of the night, it is a pretty safe bet that you have not thoroughly vetted the person before you wind up in their bed. This, actually, is a very good reason to do the hosting yourself. At least you are totally comfortable and confident in your surroundings, sure that hidden behind some small plant there is not some little green light aimed toward you.

Secret sex

The free porn that this person could possibly get of your encounter would be bad enough if it was just in their hands, but the even scarier prospect is that they make copies of it and even sell it. Suddenly, you could become an internet sensation beyond any of your wildest dreams. And that would likely be more than a little mortifying to you. So be cautious. Asking your hookup directly if they have a camera on might give you a reaction that is reason for pause. Another tip is to decide yourself where to get naked. If they insist on a specific spot, that is another red flag. Gauge their words and body language closely. One hour of passion needn’t ruin your life.

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