And From The Sex

It’s all about sex in sex videos, don’t let the wacky conissuers or porn stars try to tell or sell you different. From the get go, to the middle eight, to the roll of the credits nobody sticks around to watch, porn is about sex pure and simple.

We might watch sex videos for different reasons and on specific occasions but unless we are actually a editor working on these films we are watching sex videos to either masturbate or bring a little extra naughty edge into the bedroom. Let’s face it, sex videos are made to arouse their viewer so aroused we get and aroused we should not be ashamed of being.


It’s when we attempt to explain sex videos for some other purpose, when we avoid criticisms that we watch them to get a tickle in our southern regions, that we do beat-off to them, are addicted because they are addictive and that we pretty much download pirated porn as much as we can when we get in trouble over sex videos. To be embarrassed over our sex video consumption is to be embarrassed about being human and or basic biological needs; no one should be allowed to make us feel shame like this and the people who do are either watching sex videos themselves or afraid to.

The visual reporting and representation of fucking has existed as far back as recorded history and we won’t anytime stop needing and wanting sex videos as we will stop having sex. And the amount of sex we have, as we all know, has no bearing on how much porn we do or do not watch. The simple fact is that we enjoy sex videos now mostly off of our P.C.’s and revel in the facility but even without that facility we’d still be watching porn one way or another.

It is who we are, what we do, and it is about sex these sex videos.

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