When The Ex Leaks A Video

When you get into relationships with people, you always go in with the best of intentions and certainly never think of the dark side of things, of what may happen if you break up. To even say the word when is unthinkable, as it dooms things from the start, and people are generally naturally optimistic about love, even if it is often foolish and naive. They just do not even allow themselves to go down that road in the beginning of things. Who knows, they reason, this could actually finally be the one. So you are not overly concerned when you start making sex videos with one another, assuming that the two of you will be the only ones to ever see it. This is a great example of love being blind during a relationship’s nascent stage. And it is also a great example of how things could eventually go very wrong.

Homemade sex tape

People make sex videos because they are excessively attracted to each other and want a record of their lovemaking. It also involves more than a bit of healthy narcissism to enjoy watching yourself in the nude on camera, moaning and groaning with ecstasy. You have to be very comfortable with both your body and how vulnerable you are during sexual activity. And many people certainly are. But when the relationship eventually breaks up, it is crucial that those sex videos are also smashed to pieces. Or at the very least deleted into a trash box on the computer. Because if a breakup is particularly rancorous, the chances are high that a spurned ex with one of these videos in hand will not make for a good combination. The blowjob you gave him on camera may wind up being emailed to your parents and friends.

Sex tape

Always pay attention to detail with these sex videos. Without being too sketchy and untrustworthy, try to stay on top of where they are and how many copies exist. Being careful can save you a ton of embarrassment when the relationship tanks.

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