The Limit Is No Limit

The thing about porn that excites us so, beyond the fact that we are actually watching people with great bodies fuck like rabid rabbits, is that the sex is limitless. The men stay hard for insane amounts of time, the women seem to want every orifice filled and most sex scenes are a marathon of thrusting, sucking and orgasms that there does come those times we have to fast forward just to get a break from the action!

The limitless nature of sex videos is what makes them fun for us…and also makes them unreal. We know porn sex is not real sex and that’s why we like it so much. It’s not that anyone of us really watches the stuff hoping we can compete or even duplicate what we see our favorite porn stars do. We just like the Herculean effort, the will to sustain and the champion nature of people sweating, humping and grunting for our delight.

BBW porn

It’s as if we are watching trained horny monkeys at a zoo. It’s as if what porn stars go through somehow makes us better for viewing, to know that there are humans out there who are capable of such amazing sexual feats they lift us up to a higher plain watching them but for mere moments. It’s as if we have a connection to the devine through the limitless striving by men and women who are trying to better the world around them through fucking.

This is really what critics of porn, theologians who see it as a scourge against God and politicians who want to regulate is all do not understand…we really find the connection to the people and power of porn uplifting. That though we instinctively know our own limitations and have come to accept them we still gravitate to our sex videos, digital downloads and DVD’s because they give us hope, something to dream for, a way in which I imagine living our intimate life.

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