Searching For Banging Gangs

As you casually view porn through the years, whether it is flipping through magazines, watching old school flicks or staring at the endless depraved scenes that come flying your way on the internet, one common scenario seems to jump out at you. Gang bangs seem to be incredibly popular in porn. There are always multiple men banging away at a woman or man’s helpless ass, along with engaging in some hot bukkake action. Everyone is just having a grand old time with their slutty orifices. And yet, once you put away the porn, trying to find gang bangs in the real world seems next to impossible.

Porn has always done a great job of highlighting people’s fantasies. That is its primary purpose, after all. If they showed tedious sex between woefully ordinary looking people, they would not get much of a profit. People are looking to be inspired by porn, not to be reminded of how ordinary their own sex lives may be. Still, though, to be inspired means yearning to sample some of the porn that you see in the real world. But gang bangs seem incredibly hard to find. This is particularly vexing in the days of the internet, where one would think any type of sexual activity is just a click or two away. But, no.

Gang bangs most definitely still exist. You just have to do a little more work at finding them than other sexual scenarios. Think about how difficult it is finding just one sexual partner sometimes. Now add five or six to that and you might start getting the picture of why gang bangs are somewhat difficult to organize. Everyone has a different type of person they are attracted to. And you definitely only want people in your own league. People are not interested in banging someone who does nothing for them sexually. Throw in logistics and things can get very complicated. Gang bangs do not just exist in porn; they are just harder to come by.

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