Reconnect and Rekindle

Every couple needs to take some time to reconnect with each other once in a while. Having a night or a weekend of wild sex, romance and time to be emotionally intimate with each other so that they can remember why they got together in the first place. It’s important for couples to connect in that way is what keeps a relationship strong.

Every couple is different though. Some may need a weekend of wild sex complete with porn, sex toys and maybe even other playmates in the form of swinging or a threesome. Other couples may need a simple night of romance where they get a chance to flirt with each other in the traditional moonlight and candles setting with gourmet food, great wine and soft, romantic music. Still other couples may just need time to talk and cuddle and have deep, meaningful conversations. Some couples may not be in any significant need of having sex – maybe they have time for that or make time for it in their everyday lives. Sometimes a couple just needs to go out on a date, have a great talk, remind each other of their life goals as a couple and individuals and get each other up to speed and caught up on where they are, how they’re feeling and what’s been going on in their separate worlds. Taking the time to focus on each other and keep the couple connection going is essential for most couples.

Every couple should take some time to figure out what they need and what kind of reconnecting works best for them. Some couples may need different types of reconnecting at different times. Being aware of the current status of the relationship is important. If feeling frustrated with each other or feeling kind of separate or arguing more than usual, it may be the right time for some reconnecting and spending some time together. Don’t ignore these signs, and do whatever is necessary to get back to a happier place of togetherness.Rec

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