Not Like A Movie

BDSM porn is pretty hot, but sometimes it doesn’t create a true picture of BDSM in real life or how a kinky alternative relationship really works. While some porn may portray rather extreme situations and lifestyle choices, that isn’t always the case for all kinky people. For instance, not all domination and submission scenes involve severe amounts of pain. There are plenty of submissives or bottoms who are not masochists and being a masochist is not necessarily a requirement for being the receiver when it comes to domination. Domination and submissive varies in some ways from BDSM because of that. There are service submissives who don’t enjoy pain and don’t elect to participate in scenes with sadistic tops or dominants.

A lot of mainstream people don’t really understand how these play out in real life, and XXX videos often show a more fantasized version of these lifestyles and sexuality choices. Simply watching these movies could make people think that all submissives are pain sluts who are looking for extreme, edgy forms of play that result in marks, bruises and discomfort for days afterward. They may think that submissives have absolutely no say in what goes on. They may think that all submissives crave being spanked or crave anal sex. They may think that submissives are hoping to find someone who will be willing and able to keep them chained to a wall in the basement.

S&M sex

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. A kinky scene is negotiated between the participants. Every dominant and submissive is different. Some dominants are sadistic and enjoy inflicting pain. Others are more sensual and prefer more pleasurable pursuits, such as forced orgasms. Still others are seeking service in the form of housekeeping, cooking, maids, servers, massages, body worship and sexual service for the pleasure of the dominant. There are many different types of kinky or alternative relationship and lifestyles, and they don’t always resemble what we see in porno movies.

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