Crazy Guys And Beautiful Women

Men everywhere are probably just a little bit jealous of male celebrities who are constantly surrounded by porn stars. It would be understandable that porn stars, or any woman, might want to hang out with rich guys who can give them a lot of fun experiences, nice gifts and great travel opportunities. Who wouldn’t enjoy that if it was offered to them? What sometimes isn’t quite as understandable is when porn stars hang out with male celebrities who seem to be pretty crazy.

It seems kind of amazing that any guy that seems to be completely totally off the wall is getting world-class porn ladies to hang out with them every night of the week, publicly spending time with different women every night of the week or even more enviable, the guys are sometimes getting them all at the same time. Imagine a personal show of some hot exciting girl-on-girl action or threesomes and group sex with the sexiest women on the planet. It’s kind of funny to think that a lot of these crazy guys are probably too high to get it up most nights. It kind of reminds us of seeing a really beautiful woman with a really hideously ugly guy or a really beautiful young women with a really old guy – it’s irritating to the rest of us guys that can’t do the same even though we’re just as good if not better than some of these crazy celebrities and rich guys. But we’re not rich guys, and that’s the big difference. We don’t have that kind of money to throw around. We can’t blame the porn stars though, because anybody that puts up with the level of crazy that guys like Charlie Sheen have been throwing around should get compensated somehow for the time and aggravation that they’re putting up with. It’s probably not even easy to fall asleep next to someone who is that crazy and acting so nutty in public. It’s got to be kind of scary sometimes

Porn stars

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