We all know how easy it is to enjoy all of the Adult video sites that are available to us online. Whenever we choose to do so, we can go onto the world wide web and find more free sex and adult entertainment content then we could ever reasonably make use of. All it takes is a few good words entered into our browsers and we are off and running in our exploration of all the fabulous Internet porn. Sometimes though, it does make us feel a bit nostalgic for the old days of the seedy adult video store.

Free sex

We can all remember our trips to the local sex shop or adult video store that we took in our earlier days. In most cases, the establishment would be located out of the bounds of the actual town or village that we lived in, usually out on the highway or in some other desolate and questionable location. We would arrive there, park discreetly behind the building in most cases, and then skulk inside to check out all the various sexual delights that were lying in wait for us inside.

Nine out of ten times the proprietor of the shop, or the person who worked at the counter if they were not one and the same, would be an interesting if not somewhat imposing character. We saw our share of men in leather and women with lots and lots of piercings and a lot of skin showing. We nervously checked out the items in the cases, and we were visibly taken aback when the nice man or woman behind the counter offered to help us put on the items in question.

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Today, all we have to do is to go online to find whatever movies or sex toys that we want. No, we do not have the exhilaration like when we shopped in person, but we do not have the fear either.

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