Peeping Tom

The world of free porn is a vast one. There are more internet sites than one can count that deal with the topic of smutty naughty bits and the filthy things people do with them. The majority of these sites are legit, not looking to hurt anybody, and certainly not criminal in any way. But every now and then, some real shady character comes around and ruins everything for everyone else. Worst of all, the people hurt in such low stunts usually have no idea that they are a victim until it is too late. Yes, we are talking about peeping toms here, men and even women who catch unsuspecting people on film during their most intimate acts. It is a repulsive crime and one that should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

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All one needs to create such devastating free porn havoc is a tiny camera and an internet connection. It really is that simple. And with cameras coming in smaller sizes by the day, it is easier than ever for them to go unnoticed in many situations. The list of places where everyday people are susceptible to such a filthy intrusion is endless: public bathrooms, the shower at the YMCA or your gym, high school or college locker rooms, even the doctor’s office, which is a particularly disturbing violation of your trust. In rarer cases, someone can even break into your home — maybe an ex-lover — and place a camera in your bedroom. The goal is always the same: to catch shots of you naked, ideally masturbating or fucking if you are at home or happen to be into kinky sexual settings.

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One never expects these types of free porn violations, but it pays to keep the chance of them happening in your mind. Make quick sweeps with your eyes and hands to look for cameras. Look for holes in the walls, too. Always use an abundance of caution.

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