Lazy Sex Tapes

A sex tape is not something to be taken lightly. There are so many things to consider before actually making one. For starters, if you want everyone in the world to see you buck naked and fornicating like a wild animal. But beyond that small fact, if you are going to do anything in this life, you should always aim to do your best. The cub scouts have that as their motto, and they are very wise for such youngsters. You do not want to do anything half-assed. Only the very best will do. So once you decide to go down the exciting avenue of making a sex tape, you damn well better make a good one. It is one thing for others to see you having sex, but quite another for your sexual prowess to be made into a laughing stock.

Homemade sex tape

Yes, the main objective of your sex tape should be for others to come away from viewing it with crazy jealousy and pure awe. They should be incredibly impressed by both your versatile moves and startling duration. Your sex tape should become one for the ages, one that is talked about and sought after all over the internet. Hell, some fame and fortune would not be a bad thing. It is the least the public could do for you after all your sacrifice.

Sex tape

Think of how unbelievably satisfying it would be for your sex tape to be inspiring incredible orgasms across the globe. People would be emulating your moves. You could become a cult hero. If you are lucky enough to be a man with a large penis, the size of your boner would become legendary, and perhaps get you all sorts of additional jobs. Having people around the world wanting to fuck the two of you is not such a bad thing. In fact, it is one of a sex tape’s normal goals. These things are not for the meek. Making a sex tape should be a serious endeavor.

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