Time for a Shot

Most of us have heard of Tila Tequila and her dating show, A Shot at Love in which our favorite bisexual heroine tried to find love amongst a bevy of various lesbians, some bisexual women, and even some straight men, as the audience sat transfixed and wondering at the marvels of cable television in fast paced and super advanced 2011.

That’s right, on her show Tila dated and fooled around with all sorts of people with all sorts of various and sundry parts. She did not let an occasional hard penis slow her up anymore than a shaved vagina did. As we watched, we marvelled at her seeming ease of switching back and forth between the boys and the girls. This girl seemed to be the absolute perfect definition of bisexual. Oh wait, it’s a television show right? Maybe there is a little bit of acting going on there also? No, no, what were we thinking, of course it is all very real.

Tila Tequila

Well, even if some of it was staged as unlikely as that sounds, as is the case with most reality shows, we sure had fun watching our girl Tila make out with the various women, Tila make out with the different men, and some of the contestants making out with each other. Yes, the contestants making out with each other was a horrible violation of the rules of the show, but what did we care after all, we would let the producers worry about that part. We just wanted to see as much action as possible.

So, the next time you need a nice little shot of something, you may want to look for the reruns of this fabulous and stunning show. Not only is Tila super hot and the sexual action super entertaining, but there are two seasons of this fun and frolic to keep us amused for hours and hours on end.

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