Well, It Hasn’t Happened Yet

To hear the critics of porn complain and warn, we should all be in a swirling mass of a modern-day Sodom what with all the sex videos and downloading we take to. It’s a wonder any of us get anything done with all the masturbating we are doing and how often we get addicted to porn. With all the sex around us it’s any wonder we can pick ourselves up out of the ooze that is our body fluids.We are certainly a mess because of porn. Of course the human race is perfectly fine.

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Society evolves to the dictates of the masses and while yes, we lose sometimes as much as we gain with our advances and we could probably all benefit from a little stop-and-smell-the-flowers reflection, there’s nothing that porn has done so detrimental to our existances that we are not living our lives to the fullest.We need a villian. We need to asuage the guilt we feel over our desires. We need to be able to point to one specific naughty aspect of life, something that has existed for a very long time so we can chart historically how it has altered our lives negatively. And we need something that shows-as porn does-our naked bodies and lays bear that which we all want.


Porn is the perfect bad guy and it will continue to be derided by critics who have never had a clue to what it was all about anyway.We need our fantasies and will continue to forage for them. Porn provides one of those fantasies, not the complete picture, but it does arouse and arrest us and as far as what we need sometimes, porn fits the bill. We will continue to gravitate towards the salacious and even some truly disgusting representations of our sexual acts because we like to see that stuff, but at the same time we all realize what porn is and the function it meets in our lives.

The critics be damned.

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