Some days, regardless of how hard we may try, we just have a hard time getting any plan at all to come together in any sort of cohesive and practical way. Instead of becoming frustrated, irritated and enraged though, we can use these difficulties as a form of motivation if we give ourselves a fantastic reward after we knuckle down and work our way through them. Many times we feel like we are ready to scream, we are ready to throw up our hands in the air and just give up, or we are ready to kill someone with a smile on our face and a song in our heart.


What if, instead of giving in to our emotions, we simply decide that after we get through whatever our difficulty is, that we will allow ourselves to spend some uninterrupted time checking out all of the amazing Adult video sites that are always available to us on the world wide web? We might just calm down, take a deep breath, and gain a little bit more perspective over whatever the situation happens to be.

Sex incentives

It is always worth a shot in any case. It is a technique that many teachers use effectively to motivate reluctant or lazy school children. Sometimes if we attach a valued reward to an unpleasant task, it will make us feel much better about having to complete that task in the first place. As adults, we can sometimes play tricks on ourselves such as promising ourselves that we will spend an hour surfing for whatever we like if we just mow the lawn, rake the leaves, or clean the house. Yes, it sounds like a silly trick to play on ourselves, but more often than not, it works like a charm. So let’s give ourselves a reward for a job well done whatever the job happens to be; then we can enjoy the online porn sites with a clear conscience and a great mindset.

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