Wine, Chocolate And Good Music

Guys, when getting ready for a night of sex with a new special someone, it’s important to set a romantic, sexy atmosphere. Make sure the house is clean and reasonably neat, and always make sure the bathroom is extremely clean. Women will notice the cleanliness of the bathroom and the kitchen more than any other room in the house. Have freshly washed sheets on the bed with a clean comforter or blanket.


Try to have nice, fluffy pillows on the bed – women will find that much more inviting than worn out, flat pillows that obviously need to be replaced. Choose a nice wine, and have a couple of bottles handy if the lady likes wine. If uncertain how to choose a tasty wine, ask someone working in the liquor store. A delicious wine does not have to cost a fortune. Be clear about the budget and the clerk will find something that works. A bouquet of fragrant roses will add to the atmosphere, and the scent of roses can be an aphrodisiac for a lot of women. Some delicious chocolates or a decadent chocolate dessert can be another nice touch. Chocolate can also be an aphrodisiac for a lot of women. The last thing to do is to choose the right music. Knowing the lady is definitely helpful with this one. Pay attention to what music makes her chair dance. Take note of what music she turns up when she’s driving.


Things that get her hips moving, that makes her feel sexy and that makes her want to dance will definitely do the trick. Those are the types of songs that might be a good idea to help set the mood. If nothing else, knowing what music she hates is extremely important in order to avoid anything that might turn her off. Spend a little time and set up a playlist on an iPod or create a music CD. Play it softly in the background so that it’s unobtrusive and allows for conversation.

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