Peep Shows

Nowadays, when it comes to porn, it really is so much about the internet. Computers have completely revolutionized the way people experience porn. Everything is instantly accessible in the privacy of their own homes, cars, businesses or wherever they are. Most people have the internet on their mobile phones, so they can reach out and touch someone at all times. But there was a time not too terribly long ago when you had to leave your house to get some good porn, and peep shows represented an intriguing and titillating twist on things.

Peep show

Peep shows are where live human beings, usually women but not always, perform strip teases or sexual acts behind the safety of a wall with holes in it. Voyeurs watch through the holes from booths, which are usually private and sometimes accompanied by paper towels, since it is common knowledge that masturbation often takes place here. The biggest thrill is obviously that the performers are live right in front of them, not on some screen. In some places, the performers may approach the holes and give a brief touch or two. Men sometimes even poke their penises through the hole for a quick tug. In even rarer cases, they invite an audience member on stage to have intercourse. In most cases, though, there is a look-but-do-not-touch element to the proceedings.


These peep shows are not nearly as popular as they once were, now that porn is all over the place and people can use the internet to fetch the real thing within minutes. There is a nostalgic quality to them now, reflecting a time when porn was a bit more taboo and under the radar. Sure, they shows were often in seedy areas and sometimes raided by the police, but that is what added to its perverse appeal. Something has definitely been lost with their gradual waning in popularity. Yes, old time porn in many ways seemed better.

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