Mission Of Mercy

There are always people in this world who act as if filthy sexual things are somehow beneath them. As if they were born with different types of genitals that did not get aroused, become engorged with blood, or yearn to move in and out of things until they climaxed. These people are very annoying. But they also represent a devilish challenge for those wicked enough to assume the perverted task. And with the help of the always available free porn, it can become quite a deliciously sexual game.


One of the best examples of these sexually averse types are those young men who walk around neighborhoods in dress slacks, white shirts and ties, their Bible in hand, preaching the way to lead a most righteous life in the eyes of God. They are incredibly decent people, let’s be clear. They will even help you in any way if you just ask. Clean your house, wash your car, rake some leaves. They will set aside time in their day to do it for you. But that is just the problem: they are too good and too naive. You feel sorry for them in a weird way. And you want to corrupt them in as mutually beneficial of a way as possible. Like using free porn to get them naked, maybe.

If these young men are roaming your house or property doing tasks, there is no reason that they would not stumble upon you doing something most unholy. Yup, masturbation is needed in a situation like this. If they walked in on you watching free porn while masturbating, it could lead to all sorts of wonderfully erotic situations. There are usually two of them, so a threesome is possible. A gay one if you are a man. Dare to dream, someone could even get fucked. It could even be their first time. Yes, you may even take their virginity! The immoral possibilities are endless thanks to free porn.

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